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Fobstop can clone and duplicate most RFID
keys that are commonly used today.
These key fobs are just some of the most
common types we duplicate.

FobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying Service

Cloning Your key Is Simple

Text or call us today to get your RFID fob cloned
at +1.587.907.3064

FobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying ServiceFobStop - Calgary, Alberta Fob Copying Service

Easily copy your RFID key
fobs securely and guaranteed.

Fobstop can clone the following formats/types: HID, HID iCLASS,
HID Prox, EM, IoProx, G-Prox-II, ProxKey II, 1346 PROXKEY III,
CIS, KTAG, Keri, Awid, Schlage, Pyramid, Indala, GeoProx, ICT
(SecuraKey), and Keyscan, and many more.

We are able to clone
multiple types of RFID tags.

Contact us today at +1.587.907.3064 or via email at
info@fobstop.ca for appointments or inquiries.

In-person or mail-in service
is available.

Datawatch Systems, Paradox, RadioKey, Condoplex, SecuraKey,

Other formats of RFID cards
that we can clone:

Fob Copy & Cloning Experts

We have made the process of RFID key duplication and cloning easy! Text us for an appointment.


Identify your fob needing to be cloned


Click “Setup Appointment” for local Calgary in-person service or text us with a photo of your fob, quantity and preferred appointment timing.


Once an appointment is confirmed, come to our location with your rfid fob and we can make a copy within 15min. 🙂

Security is an ever-growing concern in modern society. Those good old days when we barely needed to lock our homes are long gone. They’ve given way to double, and even triple, locking mechanisms. Thanks to progress, even the standard key as we know it is slowly fading away to be replaced by more efficient and effective options. Although today’s access control systems may offer greater peace of mind than their less advanced counterparts, they also come with their fair share of hassles.

Keycard and fob access was once reserved for businesses, government agencies, motels, and the like, but property management companies and homeowners’ associations are now jumping on that particular bandwagon. Unfortunately, they’re also limiting the number of RFID key fobs  they’re willing to hand out to residents. What if you need an extra? What are you to do if you lose your key after normal business hours? You can’t exactly take these models to a hardware store to have a copy made, right?

Fobstop is here for you. We step in to play the now-waning role of the local hardware store, but we operate on a much more technologically advanced plane. We can clone your RFID key fob or card. On top of that, we’ll transfer it to any format you choose from our product list.

Why Choose FobStop?

We make every effort to ensure your information is safe with us

Security concerns are at an all-time high and with good reason. Science has risen to the occasion with the inclusion of RFID technology in access control. Though this development makes matters a bit more difficult for would-be criminals, it also complicates things for everyone else. Getting copies of your keys may not be as simple as making a quick trip to the local hardware store these days, but that’s where Fobstop comes to the rescue.

Our team is fully trained in the new ways of our industry. We make every effort to ensure your information is safe with us and provide fast turn around times so you get your original key and its clone back as soon as possible. Call or click to find greater freedom from the confines of your key card or fob issuer.



FobStop is your source for RFID key duplication and cloning.


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Michael DoucetMichael Doucet
13:43 14 Nov 23
Works good so far! Highly recommend
Arieh SackeArieh Sacke
22:30 07 Nov 23
Excellent service; fob works perfectly.
Vijesh NairVijesh Nair
23:42 28 Oct 23
Vitalii RudoiVitalii Rudoi
21:09 19 Oct 23
Joe ChouJoe Chou
19:11 30 Sep 23
Great service! Conveniently located in the Core Shopping Centre. Took less than 10 mins. Great alternative to paying the crazy condo fees to replace.
Mason BalasMason Balas
03:30 21 Sep 23
This business will take the extra step to ensure that you're fobs work! This is the only place I can wholeheartedly trust and recommend to others for fob copies, I'd rate them higher if I could :))
Gari VertGari Vert
20:29 09 Sep 23
I was looking for a fob copy service in Dt, this is the place to go, quick, reliable and affordable. Took less than 10 mins.
Very fast and convenient service. They made a copy for me in a minute. And all this on the day I applied for a copy. I recommend it to everyone, the best service in Calgary.
Eric BrayEric Bray
00:24 28 Jul 23
Good work, quick and everything worked with no hitches
Megan IerinoMegan Ierino
17:58 24 Jul 23
Rima GoodmanRima Goodman
14:53 19 Jul 23
Fast service, thank you!
Svitlana MurhinaSvitlana Murhina
20:41 15 Jul 23
Professional and fast. Copy works perfectly!
02:09 14 Jul 23
Quick response, quick service. Copied fob worked really well. Highly recommended.
23:19 12 Jul 23
One quick email, the next day have the backup fobs for my place. Quick and friendly. That's solid customer service.
ryan kellyryan kelly
21:38 01 Jun 23
Super helpful! They were fast, communicated well & very affordable.Used them to get my team copies of our office fob.
Tyler BabrowskyTyler Babrowsky
23:42 17 Apr 23
Really easy to arrange. Fast and reasonable prices. Will definitely use their service again.
Max PMax P
16:14 18 Mar 23
Great service! Accurately at the appointed time, quickly and efficiently. Definitely recommend these guys! They will solve your problem faster and cheaper than others.

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